Heating and Cooling

Controlling the ambient temperature within commercial buildings can be a challenge and obviously the heating and cooling requirements of an office can be significantly different from that of an open warehouse or factory

Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems are still the most common way to heat or cool within Commercial Buildings. They are safe, easy to use and extremely Energy Efficient

No design is ever the same as another and the overall arrangement will be very much dependent on a multitude of factors, a few of these being:

  • The building size and layout
  • Size of the areas to be heated or cooled
  • The physical location of the areas to be heated or cooled (ie: interior office with no windows compared to lots of windows north-facing)
  • The overall purpose of the commercial premise (ie: offices compared to a workshop)
  • Budget

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Extraction Fans

Air movement within a Commercial Premises encourages good airflow within the building with bad air being expelled

It's important to get the right product installed for each situation - some options to consider are:

  • Large Commercial Extraction fans
  • Venting of Toilet and Bathroom Facilities & Cooking Areas
  • General Office - Air Movement / Air Extraction / Air Filtration

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