Industrial Safety

Keeping your people and property safe against elements that are out of our control has never been easier. Modern technology and the products that are now available (and affordable) gives us a vast amount of protection options.

Back Up Systems

When your Industrial property has a power failure, having backup power means the business can remain operational.

Traditional backup systems such as petrol or diesel Generators that kick in once power is lost are still the most common option selected.

However, modern technology is now offering Battery backup systems specially designed for Commercial and Industrial settings. This is an environmentally better option than the traditional Generator, which is great news for our planet.

And even better for our planet, consider if Solar Power was installed, firstly providing power to your building and then using any excess power created to charge your back-up batteries for free?

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Smoke / Fire Detectors

Within an Industrial business premise, it is likely that a Smoke and Fire System is mandatory to be compliant with your local council requirements

Dependent on the situation, you may even require a full Fire and Sprinkler System

Talk to us to ensure you get this right & make sure your people and your property are sufficiently protected.

Surge Protection

Damage from electrical transients, or surges, is one of the leading causes of electrical equipment failure

These surges can originate from a variety of sources, both internal (such as a sudden change in an electrical circuit) or external (such as lightning strikes or mains voltage spikes).

With many of today's modern machinery containing an increased amount of electronic components, they are now more susceptible to power surge damage.

You can, however, provide protection for your Industrial investments. Surge Protection Devices that are properly sized and installed is a highly successful way of preventing equipment damage.

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