Home Safety

Did you know that there are modern products available, designed to protect our lives and our property and they are relatively inexpensive?

Smoke and Fire Alarms

Smoke Detectors are easy to install and such a low-cost installation when you consider you are protecting not only your property but the lives of those who are in your home

Did you know...

  • 80% of house fires attended by the NZ Fire Service last year, Smoke Alarms were not installed or were not working.
  • Most fire-related deaths occur when people are sleeping and can't smell the smoke.

At Laser Electrical Tauranga, we install only Photoelectric Smoke Detectors. These are recommended by Consumer NZ and also the NZ Fire Service.

Also as a note to landlords, working smoke alarms or detectors are compulsory in all rental homes. New smoke alarms must be photoelectric and have a long battery life, or be hard-wired.

Here is a link to the NZ Government Tenancy Services which has more detailed information. Click here.

Surge Protection

Lightning strikes, power surges and voltage spikes can cause injury and destroy your electronic equipment in an instant

Fortunately, you can keep your appliances safeguarded with surge protection. In a home environment, there are two main options:

  • Switchboard mounted surge protection devices that will help prevent surges from entering your home
  • Surge-protected power outlets that provide in-house protection to the equipment plugged into an individual Power Outlet.

When you consider the cost to replace your Electronic Equipment that could be destroyed by such power fluctuations, Surge Protection ends up being a fairly inexpensive comparison.

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