Keeping your people and property safe against elements that are out of our control has never been easier. Modern technology and the products that are now available (and affordable) give us a vast amount of protection options. Talk to us about how we can help you go about protecting the things that are important to you

Appliance Testing

Are you certain that all the portable and fixed appliances or tools, used by yourself or your employees are electrically safe for use?

The only way to be assured of this is by getting them correctly tested, signed off and tagged.

For peace of mind, call us at Laser Electrical Tauranga to get your tools & appliances test and tagged by one of our electrical technicians.

For each item we check, we can produce a log of the testing history and in addition, we will set up a Maintenance Schedule to make sure these get checked again as per the required cycle. The frequency of testing is dependant on the appliance - however, common timeframes are generally 3 monthly, 6 monthly, yearly or every 5 years.

That way you don't have to remember (we will do it for you) ensuring your tools & appliances remain safe & compliant for the duration of their use.

Backup Systems

When your Commercial property is hit by a power failure, having backup power means the business can keep going

Traditional backup systems such as petrol or diesel Generators that kick in once power is lost are still the most common option selected by business owners requiring back up power.

However, modern technology is now offering Battery backup systems specially designed for Commercial and Industrial situations.

These are a more environmentally better option than the traditional Generator, which is great for our planet.

Further to consider down this path is installing Solar Power to charge these batteries? Even better again for the planet and cost savings to be had as well.

Contact us if you'd like to know more.

RCD Switches

In the case of a faulty appliance, or a short circuit, an RCD Unit is designed to protect the user from electric shock by disconnecting the power

The NZ Electrical Regulations stipulate the conditions where RCD Units must be installed as mandatory, however, there are also other situations where RCD Units could also be installed as a precautionary safety measure.

Contact us if you would like some more information regarding the installation of RCD units within your commercial setting.

RCD Testing

In the same manner that portable and fixed appliances or tools used in a commercial setting need to be regularly tested and tagged, this is also true for any RCD Units

RCD units are designed to prevent electric shock by disconnecting the power when there is a fault or short circuit, so it's imperative to protect the people in your building by making sure these are working properly and compliant.

Contact us at Laser Electrical Tauranga if you have some testing requirements, or if would like to discuss how a Scheduled Maintenance Plan could work for your business.

Smoke / Fire Detectors

Within a commercial environment, it is likely that these are mandatory to be compliant with your local council requirements

There are many factors to consider when designing a system for any commercial setting and its imperative to get this right to ensure we adequately protect people and property.

Talk to us if you need:

  • Design of Smoke and Fire Detection System
  • Installation of Smoke and Fire Detection System
  • Inspection of the existing system with a report and our recommendations.

Surge Protection

Power Surges and Electrical Equipment are not a good mix

Electrical Equipment that is suddenly exposed to this high dose of electrical energy can be adversely affected and in many cases destroyed beyond use.

However, you can take preventative action by installing Surge Protection Devices specifically designed to protect your Electrical Equipment from this type of damage.

Further protection worth considering is installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

These work slightly differently to surge protectors where the in-built battery provides constant and clean power to your Electrical Equipment, regardless of the fluctuations in the incoming mains power.

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