General Electrical

At Laser Electrical Tauranga, we have a wide range of Electrical knowledge and skills that are regularly utilised across the Industrial Sector

We are proud of the professional, quality service that we offer to all our customers and as always, we back this up with our "Totally Dependable" guarantee

Industrial Electrical and Lighting Design

Industrial applications are very bespoke, so a well thought out electrical design for both the Lighting and Power layout is essential to ensure an efficient and practical setup

Your situation could be a brand new building or an existing building to be wired out to a new layout? Either way, contact us at Laser Electrical Tauranga. With years of experience behind us, we can help.

Here is a list of a few things worth considering during the design process:

  • New build or an existing building
  • Incoming Power Requirements
  • Switchboards and Distribution Boards
  • Machines to be installed, loads and requirements
  • Lighting layout and Signage lighting
  • Lighting controls
  • Electrical to Office / Reception areas / Kitchen / Toilets
  • Ventilation and/or Air Conditioning
  • Security and/or Access Systems
  • Communications
  • Energy Efficiency options


Industrial wiring could be as simple as wiring general Light Fittings through to running cables to complex Industrial Machinery

All situations are different and often the physical open nature of industrial buildings will play a part in the cable selection, protection required and installation process.

Then, what are the electrical requirements of the machine itself? Where will the machine be located within the factory and what is the distance of the cable run back to the switchboard? The answers to these questions will all play a part in the calculation to find the right cable size for any particular machine installation.

Also, in this modern age, it is fairly likely that newer machines will require communication wiring as well.

So, contact us if you have any queries regarding:

  • Your existing industrial wiring
  • Future industrial wiring you may require, either to building in general or for specialist machinery
  • Installation of communications wiring

New Lights, Switches and Powerpoints

Do you need extra Lights or Power Connections throughout your Factory, Warehouse or Workshop?

That's no problem.

Contact us and let us know what you require. We'll help you find a solution and we can book in one of our Industrial Specialist Electricians to come around and get the job sorted.

Fault Finding

An electrical fault somewhere along your Industrial Production Line spells inefficiencies and could lead to monetary losses

It could be a simple or major problem, but it takes an experienced and skilled tradesman to be able to eliminate the possibilities, speedily find the issue and get a repair underway.

As always we are proud of the quality of service that we can offer and as always, this is backed up by our Totally Dependable guarantee.

Contact us if you:

  • Have an Electrical Fault that needs to be found and put right
  • Want prompt service from an Electrician, experienced and trained in Industrial Fault Finding

Please note, sometimes industrial machinery requires a person with specialist knowledge for that particular machine. If the fault is found to be the machine itself, we will let you know if we will be able to make the required repairs, or whether you will need to contact a specialist repairer.


We work closely with some of NZ's leading Industrial Switchboard Manufacturers, to ensure the right Electrical Switchboards and Distribution Boards are installed for any particular project

For new builds, this could be the supply and installation of a cost-effective 'off the shelf' board, through to a fully designed and custom-built unit, possibly incorporating boards for other services as well, such as HVAC, Mechanical Services or Controls etc.

Perhaps you have an existing Industrial Board that requires an inspection, some maintenance work or possibly an upgrade?

Please contact us if:

  • You would like to discuss the condition of an existing Industrial Switchboard
  • You need expert help with a new Industrial Switchboard Design
  • You have an upcoming industrial job that you would like to discuss with us.
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