01 Sep 2019

2019 Laser Task Force Day

Every year Laser Plumbing & Electrical Businesses from across NZ & Australia congregate for their Annual Conference.

As part of Laser's Social Commitment to 'give back', the day before the conference begins, there is a Charity TaskForce Day where Laser Members & their Suppliers donate free labour materials, to make upgrades or improvements to the premises of a selected charity.

This year, the conference was in Melbourne, & the charity selected was the Melbourne Ronald McDonald House.

Similar to NZ, the Aussie Ronald McDonald House is adjacent to the Royal Children's Hospital & it is a place where families, who have children in the hospital, can stay.

All up, there was over $200,000 worth of improvements made to the building that day, which included installation of new Bathroom & Plumbing Fittings, Electrical Fittings, Kitchen Appliances, a Solar System & even Toys & Furniture.

Those who weren't plumbers or electricians were put to work giving the buildings a good thorough clean inside & out. Even the gardens & outdoor areas got a good going over.

To the right is a picture of Rob paying careful attention at the Health & Safety briefing and below is a video summary of the day.